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Etcher is a free and open source software that helps you create a bootable USB’s. Yep, and its cross platform(for you Mac and Windows users.).

If you’re trying to create a bootable usb to boot Linux off of (which you really should if you haven’t), then Etcher is your tool. For Windows, theres Rufus(open source). For Linux there’s many. UNetbootin(also open source), the awesome command line(dd command), and many more. But truth is, for new users on Linux, Windows, or Mac, an easy to use tool with a simple interface would be big improvement. And that there is.


This boot tool has a 32 and 64bit version for Windows and Linux. For Mac users there is only a 64 bit version. The Appimage will be in the Zip file once you download it. Then, after extracting you you click on the .AppImage icon and you’ll be asked if you want to install the application. See image below.

Image of prompt message asking to install Etcher Appimage

To download the application you can find it on the page, here.

When using this tool, it will WIPE your USB drive clean before install the operating system!!

Its simple as simple can get when coming to a tool like this.


(1.You first, find the .iso image of the Linux flavor you’re trying to boot.

(2.Secondly, select the USB drive you want to use to boot off of. If you don’t have it connected, connect it during this step and Etcher will automatically choose it for you.

(3. Lastly, select FLASH! This will begin the process with a timer letting you know how long it will take.

etcher tool GIF image

The cool thing about this tool is that is displays the checksum of the download so that you can verify if its the exact image you were looking for. This is handy for security purposes and in making sure it matches the same checksum from the server you downloaded this from. That’s it.


Download Github Github /etcher

Below is a video of me checking out the tool. I was still messing around with the audio when I took this, so bless your ears 🙂 (lower down the volume!).

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