In the Linux world, Jim Zemlin is a huge public figure, so when I read that he uses Mac OS X, I thought to myself “what a disgrace. It’s like Tim Cook using an Android device as his primary or only smartphone. And using one when presenting at a Keynote.” My thought is that if you’re going to be the face of something, the head of something, shouldn’t you be using or personally support whatever it is that you’re selling?

Apparently, Jim Zemlin isn’t who he says he is. I think he should be impeached.

Fun fact: To prepare for his keynotes, and as someone that talks about how 2017 is the year of the Linux desktop and how Linux will take over, he uses his Mac to prepare his work. A huge fail on his part, really. What does it say when the head of a company doesn’t use its own product? Does he really have faith in the Linux world, or is it all for publicity?

Why use proprietary software to further the cause and spread awareness of something that is completely different in nature?

Moral integrity is out of the window here, for Jim Zemlin, and he probably doesn’t even care.

People are free to use what they want, does it really matter what he uses?” I hear some of you ask.

Given how strong The Linux Foundation’s message is, I do believe that he should be using Linux, at least in public. In his personal life, he can obviously use whatever it is that he desires, that’s not any of our business. It does send out the wrong message, however, when you’re the face of an organization and don’t abide by its mission, given that you’re the director of that organization. Remember, a public figure is looked up to by thousands of people who believed in what you stood for. Essentially, you just slapped your fans in the face and said “Linux is good, but it’s not as good as we make it out to be… it’s all for publicity. Macs are cooler. Better.” No. No they aren’t. That’s why you’re working at The Linux Foundation and not Apple, Inc.

Will people be able to trust Linux? Will we able to convert them?

The short answer is yes. However, it’s now even more difficult, because now, my counter-argument could be: “How can Linux be that good when the head of its own foundation doesn’t use it?!” Essentially, he’s the Terry Colby (from Mr. Robot) of The Linux Foundation. He’s the head of a company that seems to know little about what they do. Remember, in order to become the best possible employee or user of something, you have to be using that product to fully understand it. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind when someone needs your help, or when it comes to truly understanding Linux.

Those are my thoughts on the news going around. What are yours?

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