Remember when people used Tap Code (similar to Morse Code) by knocking on walls to communicate with each other?

Good times, right?!

Tap Code ensures privacy between the two people that were communicating. In today’s world, we have many forms of digital encryption that allows people to communicate privately, without a third-party intercepting the conversation.

Recently, I came across an app on Elementary OS that brought back those nostalgic memories. It’s an app called Cipher, which was developed by Shubham Arora.

What this app allows you to do is encrypt or decrypt messages using different forms of binary-to-text encoding schemes. Let’s take a look at the screenshot below (which you can click to enlarge).

You can try it yourself, right now! Copy the below code into the “decipher text” section, then tap “decipher.” Use Base64 Encoding section. There’s a special message waiting just for you.


So, whether you want to just have fun with your friends or pour your heart out to someone, user Cipher to communicate privately! Just send them the code and have them decipher the message themselves.

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Images from this post are provided by the developer, via the app store listing.

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