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NewPipe, Open Source Alternative YouTube app

If playing YouTube videos in the background is one feature you want on your Android phone, then NewPipe is the app for you. It gives you the capability of not only doing this, but downloading the videos directly from your phone in video or music format. Cool, huh? What is NewPipe? “NewPipe does not use…

TR Talks #1: A Time Before Cloud Storage

TR Talks, short for “TechRage Talks”, is a segment in which we talk about open-source software, technology in general and anything we think is cool and worth sharing, really. Today’s topic: A time before cloud storage. In today’s digital age, cloud storage has taken the tech industry by storm and changes a lot of we…

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Ubuntu Make, get latest developer tools like Android Studio, Visual Studio code and more.

Ubuntu Make is a project developed and maintained by Canonical that focuses on delivering not only the latest versions of development software like Android Studio, but also stability tested packages before sent upstream. So this is basically your convenient all in one source for most development software, nice.