I like to introduce, EyeCandy Linux!No, not another distribution, but a page on show casing Linux users custom desktops. Whether on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, what ever! One of the appealing aspects of Linux is the capability to customize your desktop to WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Check out the EyeCandy Linux Google Plus page and DeviantArt page for more customized desktops. Thank you to the creators of these pages to let me use the Eye Candy Linux name.

Want to submit your desktop for next video? Enter your desktop here!

Feren OS by TechRage, Tablet mode toggled on,Icon pack: Oranchelo, Conky effect: QlockTwo, Google Play Music Desktop Player Green/Black Theme

Gnome 3 Ubuntu  by TechRage , Icon pack: Oranchelo, Terminal effect: screenfetch

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS by TechRage, Icon pack: Numix Circle, Dock:Cairo Dock