I’m Danny from TechRage, a Linux and Open Source user that follows in the belief that knowledge is power, and therefore, should be shared. I decided to make this new segment on my YouTube channel to show off a different side to Linux that some people don’t see. One that showcases the truly, indepth customization we have control over. (Unlike Windows and Apple).  Therefore, I decide to create a segment called EyeCandy Linux, that is a user based weekly video on demonstrating the neat Linux os set ups there are around the world. In order for you to be apart of this you will need to follow the rules below.

Thank you to EyeCandy Linux for allowing me to use their Google + page name! Check out the page here.

Check out other Linux desktops on the EyeCandy Linux page here.

This segment will be done once a week, depending on weekly user submissions, and is user submission ONLY. I will not take or submit images of others users work, unless my own.

Rules & Guidelines 

1.Submit your name.
2.Provide an email.
3.Provide at least two different Images of your set up
4.Provide what icon theme, terminal, and other details to your image. You don’t need to be too specific but enough to replicated half way.
5.Any submissions sent to me will also be featured on my EyeCandy Linux Page.
6. Optionally, you can submit for me to share a YouTube, Facebook, G+ page, or website, but you must be and administrator to that page. 


EyeCandy Linux Submission Form

Next box you have the option to submit and share a website/page like Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Don't share anything you wouldn't show your mother!
Below you can submit your desktop screenshots! Please, for the sake of convenienve, title your images in matching fashion with what ever name you provided above such at Bob_1.png, Bob_2.png. This will help make the process easier for me!